Wednesday, Sep 30th 2020

Our Farm Animals

We would like to formally introduce you to our wonderful animals:


We currently have close to 1700 free range hens on the farm which produce the delicious eggs that we sell from our Farm Shop and to our commercial customers. They are a mixture of Loman Browns and Hylines and love roaming around among our apple trees.

Our “Working” Farm Dogs

I’m not sure what to say about our farm dogs, Flick, Cassie, Zac & Max . . . Even though they are a little quirky they are all adorable in their own special ways!


Each year we seem to increase our flock of sheep. 2014 saw us lamb close to 400 ewes which produced approx. 700 lambs. In September it will be time to put our ten rams back to work and the cycle starts all over again. February half term is usually our busiest lambing period so if you fancy a look during this time just let us know at the farm


Denise has two pet Kune Kune pigs which we mustn’t mistake for our purpose bred pigs! She wouldn’t be very happy if we did. Simon currently has 16 pigs on the farm. Six are from a Large White/Sadleback sow crossed with a Welsh boar and the remaining 10 are pure bred Tamworths which are known for their wild boar flavour


There are approximately 180 cattle on our farm at any one time. We have a variety of breeds which we rear for beef. Our most popular being Hereford & Beligian Blue

Bantams, Ducks & Fizz

We currently have eight bantam hens, two cockerels and two Khaki Campbell ducks. All of which you will see wandering around the farm. They have taken to playing “chicken” with cars which come in and out of the farm driveway. They generally move out of the way but please be aware of our wandering bantams

Fizz is our very talkative kitten. She takes great pleasure in telling us about her day. . . or that she’d like her dinner

Our New Cheeky Additions – Court Farm Animal Area

Click here to meet our lovely Shetland Pony & Pygmy Goats

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